Minimizer Bras: A Boon to Full-breasted Women

Minimizer Bra

Society in general deems the full-breasted woman sexier than her flat-chested counterpart. What society does not know, however, is that having full breasts can be a bit of a struggle. Among other things, it can be quite difficult to find clothes that fit them just right without unnecessarily emphasizing their breasts. Full-breasted women also often have a bit of difficulty finding a bra that offers a comfortable fit and the right amount of support. Largely because of the way standard blouses generally look on them, women who wear C cups and bigger usually opt to shop for minimizer bras.

Minimizer Bra

A minimizer bra is designed to reduce the projection of your breasts, thereby giving you the appearance of having breasts that are one cup smaller. The secret of this type of bra lies in the way the cups are designed; they push part of your breasts under your arms, which is how they provide the illusion of a flatter chest area and a smaller figure. The center front of the minimizer bra also has a unique design that contributes to the decrease in your bust line. The seams are also typically sturdier and smoother than those of the standard bra.

Minimizer Bras Have Seams

Of course, not all minimizer bras have seams. There are brands that carry this type of bra seamless. Many women appreciate the smoothness offered by seamless bras. A seamless minimizer not only makes your breasts look smaller, but it also gives you a completely smooth silhouette under your clothes. This is important to full-breasted women because they almost always have to deal with bra seams showing through their clothing, especially if their top is made of thin or sheer material. A bra with cups that do not have seams will definitely help you avoid such a dilemma.

There are also brands that carry minimizer bras that feature a hidden underwire. The beauty of this type of bra is that it doesn’t have any padding, cookies, or lining. It therefore gives you a naturally smooth and streamlined look. When you shop for minimizer bras, be sure to try them on first so you can gauge the level of comfort a particular bra and choose the one the best suits your preferences and needs. Remember that the main function of a bra is to give you support and comfort; making you look good is just a bonus.

Lessons Learned from Dragon Ball Z

Almost every anime and manga lover knows about Dragon Ball Z. In fact, it’s part of our childhood. You might not even notice it, but though this manga series features bloody fights, it doesn’t erase the fact that it has quite a few life lessons to share to us. Below are just some things that you might have learned after reading and/or watching Dragon Ball Z.


Family Matters More than Anything Else

Son Goku maybe the strongest fighter in the universe, but it doesn’t not remove the fact that his wife and his family still matters to him more. The Goku family also shows us the life of a typical family: facing hardships and differences but still remaining whole now matter how many years have passed under their watch.


Never Expect That You Are the Strongest

Goku faced a lot of enemies in the different sagas in the manga and anime. It tells us that though we think that we are stronger, there still going to be people who are going to beat us and test us to our limits. But no matter how big and strong your challenges are, you will always prevail in the end.

People Change If You Believe in Them

When people see a bad guy, they already have their perceptions that they are never going to change their paths. In Dragon Ball however, it tells us that the people that we perceive as evil, might not be their permanent fate after all. Not meaning to spoil, but there have been numerous instances in the series that the opponents that Goku fought and had conflicts with later became his allies.


Never Stop Learning

Though the Z Warriors were gifted with their own strength, powers, and abilities, these did not stop from learning new things. Evil moves in unexpected ways so that is why everyone has to be prepared for the possible outcomes these things would bring.

Movie Guide: Disney Movies to Look Forward This 2015

2015 is a busy year for Disney with seven movies scheduled to be released all year round. With their first movie Into the Woods a success, here are other films by Disney that you should definitely look forward.


Cinderella (Release Date: March 13, 2015)

The animated form of Cinderella was first released theatrically in 1950 and since then has become part of every child’s life. Sixty years later, Disney has recreated it into a live-action version with Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, and Helena Bonham Carter. Although the movie is an adaptation of the animated version, the story has several twists. In this version of Grimm’s well-loved tale, Cinderella and the prince meet prior to the Grand Ball and become friends but the prince does not reveal his true identity but tells Cinderella instead that he is Kit, a humble palace employee.

Inside Out

Inside Out (June 19, 2015)

Inside Out is a 3D computer-animated fantasy-comedy film which shows us how our emotions work inside our brains. The story happens in the mind of an 11-year old girl named Riley who is struggling to adapt a new life after his father starts a new job in San Francisco. The movie will show us how Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Joy interact with each other.

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur (November 25, 2015)

The Good Dinosaur is a 3D computer-animated comedy film that re-imagines the history of the Earth. There was no gigantic asteroid that hit our planet and dinosaurs never became extinct, instead they continue to evolve and live alongside with humans. The Good Dinosaur tells the story of Arlo, a teenage Apatosaurus and a young boy named Spot who are trying to bring back the peacefulness in their community after a disquieting event destroyed it.

Other films to look forward this year from Disney are Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, Tomorrowland and McFarland, USA.

Movie Guide: Inspirational Movies Based on True Stories

Planning to watch some movies with the rest of your family? Then here are some inspiring movies based on true stories that everybody would love:

October Sky

October Sky (1999)

October Sky is a heartwarming movie that teaches us to pursue our dreams and never consider giving up. Homer Hickus, a coal miner’s son in Coalwood, West Virginia has big dreams. After being motivated by the launch of Sputnik 1, he becomes interested with rockets. Homer plans to pursue rocketry but his father wants the boy to become a coal miner just like him. However, Homer is firm with his decision of flying his own rockets in the near future. He teams up with his friends at school and enters a Science fair. With the help of their science teacher, their enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject surge further. However after being accused of causing a forest fire, their experiments come to an end. Homer’s ultimate dream is crushed but instead of giving up, it makes him even more driven to pursue rocketry. Later, Homer Hickus is able to fly a miniature rocket higher than the summit of Mt. Everest. In later years, he finally becomes a NASA engineer.

Blind Side

Blind Side (2009)

Another inspiring story to watch is Blind Side which is based from the life Michael Oher, a successful American football player. Before becoming a football player in the National Football League, Michael Oher was a troubled child. With his mother being addicted to drugs and his father always in prison, he has been living in different foster homes in Memphis, Tennessee. Whenever Oher is placed in a new foster home, he constantly runs away. Despite having a poor academic record, Oher is nonetheless retained by Wingate Christian School because of his athletic build. At school, he befriends S.J. Tuohy and later his mother Leigh Anne Tuohy and the rest of the family. After a series of meetings, Michael is adopted by the Tuohys and his newfound family becomes his supporter as he makes a name for himself as a football player.

How to Sell Organic Skincare Products

If you are a regular and satisfied user of organic skincare products, you just might decide to become a dealer and sell the products in your area. It may be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, your small organic product business is sure to flourish.

Organic Cosmetic Products

Local Selling or Online Selling?

When you decide to go into the organic product retail business, you have to decide whether you’ll be selling your products locally or online. Both options have their own set of pros and cons. The success of your business will depend largely on how you take advantage of the pros and deal with the cons. You could also choose to sell your products both locally and online, but it’s best to focus on one option to begin with so you can give it your full attention.

Secure the Necessary Licenses

Before you start any business, be sure to secure all the local government and business-related licenses and permits. For starting an online shop, be sure to post your license number and other proofs of legitimacy on your website to assure potential costumers that you products are legit.

Organic Skincare

Provide Your Personal Contact Information

When it comes to the retail business, it’s always important to provide buyers with your complete contact information. This helps ensure they won’t have a hard time contacting you and in case they have issues with any of your products. It also increases your credibility as a seller.

Respect Customer Rights

When an item goes missing or is not received by the customer within the agreed period of time, it is your responsibility to deal with the matter immediately. Once you’ve confirmed that the products have gone missing and were not received by the buyer, send a new package to him/her immediately without demanding additional payment. Customer rights are always a priority and things like this are inevitable and completely out of the seller’s hands.

Quick Facts About Dogs: Common Types of Dog

Dogs are certainly adorable, cuddly, and everything nice, and owning one could be the best decisions you will ever make in your entire life. Some people may not know about it, but dogs are actually categorized based on their functions or work. Here are some of the most common types of dog:

Working Dogs

Working dogs are dogs trained to accomplish a variety of tasks. Most dogs are actually bred to accomplish tasks that make a man’s work easier, especially during those eras when hi-tech gadgets and equipment are not yet available. Dog breeds such as Rottweiler, Mastiff, and Collie were used to pull carts and herd sheep and cattle.

Working Dog in Sled

Other dog breeds like Huskies, Eurohounds, Eskimo dogs, and German Spitz are used by humans, especially those living in the Arctic region as a means of transportation by attaching a sled to them. Dogs are also used to hunt wild geese and birds. Cocker Spaniels, Terriers, and Retrievers are the perfect breeds for hunting.

Companion Dogs

Compared to working dogs, these dog breeds aren’t made to do heavy work. Instead, they only provide companionship. While most dogs function both as companion and working dogs, some dogs are specifically considered as toy dogs such as Pomeranian, Chihuahua, and Dachshund.

Companion Dog with Girl

These dog breeds may not help humans complete a task, but they are excellent entertainers and companions. Since majority of our tasks do not need dogs to complete it, working dogs like Labrador, Golden Retriever, and German Spitz are also kept as the perfect companions.

Guard Dogs

Protecting their territory or pack is innate to dogs, but there are breeds that are known to be exceptional guard dogs, such as German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, and Bullmastiff. Guard Dogs can also be considered as working dogs, but instead of helping humans complete a task, they protect them.

Guard Dog

Guard dogs are also used to perform military and police roles; they go through intensive training for them to hone their innate skills and help the military and police catch criminals. Dogs also help track down missing persons or dig up illegal substances and/or bombs.

The Benefits of Cloth Cosplay


Cloth cosplays are one of the most common type of cosplays you see present in cosplay or hobby conventions. This is due to the reason that they are quite easier to make compared to armored cosplays and cost less. Aside from these simple things to why cloth cosplays are awesome, there are also other good things about it as well.

Easy to Find Materials

Unlike armored cosplay materials, materials that are needed for cloth cosplays are not hard to find and they are not expensive to acquire. Materials are abundant and they are detailed varieties in order to accurately make your cosplay a reality.


Less Time Consuming

An armor cosplay costume takes a lot of time and dedication to complete. Not to mention you need to master a bevy of crafting techniques just so you can complete one. For cloth cosplays, all you need are simple tailoring skills. You can also don’t need much in the way of assistance; you can make your cosplay costume by yourself. And if all else fails, it’s easy to seek help since tailors and dressmakers are ubiquitous. If you are really good at the craft, you can finish your cosplay in less than two weeks.

More Creative Ideas

Engaging into cloth cosplays can make your creative side to shine. You can use different sewing, embroidery, and other tailoring techniques to complete your costume with ease. With easy-to-find materials and enough tailoring experience, you are sure to pull off an epic cosplay costume with little to no hassle.

         Tailoring Tips and Tricks
  1. Remember to keep all your materials in one place. Your sewing tools should be kept in one container and your sewing machine should be in an open area where you can comfortably work.
  2. Before you use your sewing machine, ensure first that it’s in tip-top shape.
  3. Before you buy a certain material for your cosplay, visit other shops and compare prices before making a final decision.
  4. Don’t aim for expensive accessories for your costume. Check if there are cheaper alternative or if you can make the accessories by yourself.
  5. If you feel that you are not confident with your sewing skills, there are lots of sewing tutorials on the Internet to help you.
  6. Hard to make a pattern for the specific cosplay? There are actually online patterns that you can download and print out as a guide to help you on some of the costume parts.
  7. Do not use substandard tailoring tools to make your costume. You might end up injuring yourself.

Business Venture

When you have finally got the hang of creating cloth costumes, you can actually make it a business venture to help you earn. Accept commissions and make sure to complete them before the deadline. Once you made one successful commission, other commissions will follow. Not only will you end up doing what you love to do, you will also earn from your pastime.

Lingerie Buying Dilemmas – Getting the Wrong Item

Don’t worry; it happens to all of us. When people buy lingerie via online shops, they sometimes get the wrong color, size, and style than the one that they were expecting. First off, don’t panic. There are still ways to either get the right item that you want or better yet: getting your money back.

Keep Calm

When you have just found out that the seller sent you the wrong item, the first thing that you need to do is to keep calm. Don’t panic just yet! These things can be fixed as long as you follow certain important steps!

Contact the Seller ASAP

This is one of the most critical things that you need to do when you have found out that you got the wrong item. Contact the lingerie seller immediately. As long as it’s within business hours, don’t wait for the next day; you need to contact them immediately so that it can be addressed the soonest.

Coordinate with the Seller

Once confirmed that a wrong item was sent, coordinate with the seller on what must be done. At this point, it is imperative that you have to reread the terms and policies of the online shop regarding this matter. If the seller does not accept cash refunds, then tell them to replace the wrong order with the correct one as soon as they can. If ever the item that you want is not currently in stock, you have every right as a customer to demand a refund.

Note: Don’t forget to ship back the wrong item back to them if they’re willing to give you a cash refund.

Read the Seller’s Buying Terms and Conditions

You should make this a habit before filling up the order form in the first place. Reread the buying terms and conditions to see if there are loopholes and to see if a possible solution can be reached that doesn’t violate the seller’s stipulations. Once you have reread them thoroughly, that would be the right time to talk to the seller again in order to negotiate a final deal about the issue.

Getting an Imitation

There are cases that you have the item but you found out that it’s actually an imitation. As a buyer, you have every right to demand your money back. Getting tricked into buying low-quality lingerie is a deplorable situation as knockoffs typically do not last long owing to the fact that they’re made from sub-par materials. In a scenario like this, you have every right to complain to the seller and return the item that was sent to you.

Exchanging Orders

If the following options above don’t help, you have no choice but to choose a different item. Go to the website where you got your item and look for possible replacements for your order. If the seller is extremely stubborn enough to meet your requests and demands, file a complaint and report the seller.

A Simple Guide to Lingerie Brands and Shops

With lingerie an upsurge in popularity these days, it’s no reason why there have been a growing number of lingerie brands left and right. Due to the numerous brands out there, it might be give you a hard time to figure out which lingerie brands to trust. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of sub-par lingerie companies, below is a list of international lingerie brands well-known not only for their lineup of lingerie and related products but also for their quality. We hope that this guide would help you in picking up the right lingerie brand that you are looking for.

Chantelle Logo

Chantelle (The Chantelle Group)

Chantelle or The Chantelle Group is a French lingerie company founded in the year 1876 by three people: Gamichon, Messieurs, and Kretz. The company started to use the brand name “Chantelle” during the 1950s. Its main office and headquarters are located in Cachan, which is located in the outskirts of Paris. Various garments and products are manufactured in its various facilities all around the world such as Eastern Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

The said lingerie company bears around six brands namely Chantal Thomass, Chantelle, Passionata, Orcanta, Femilet, Darjeeling.

Hanes Her Way

Hanes and Hanes Her Way

The men and women underwear company Hanes (established 1901) and Hanes Her Way (established 1986) is owned by HanesBrands, Inc Corporation. They are well known worldwide for their various lineups of innerwear, outerwear, and hosiery products.

Trashy Lingerie

It’s a custom-made Los Angeles-based lingerie store popular for its lingerie models and a clientele that’s partly made up of celebrities. What makes this place stand out from all other lingerie brands and shops out there is that they require an annual membership fee of two US dollars to shop in their store. Sources claim that their well-known celebrity clients include Cameron Diaz, Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Mariah Care, Cher, and Anna Nicole Smith. Aside from their lingerie shop, they also have an online store that caters to clients from around the world.

Bare Necessities

It is an American swimwear, underwear, and loungewear online retailer company based in Edison, New Jersey. Established in the year 1998, it is the second largest online retailer with over 66 million US Dollars in revenues. The industry is only second to Victoria’s Secret. Their products feature various high-quality lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, and underwear products. Kate Upton is one of their well-known models.

Wacoal Logo


The Wacoal Corporation (or Kabushiki-gaisha Wakōru) is an international lingerie marketer and manufacturer and a subsidiary wholly-owned by Wacoal Holding Corporation. The company was founded in the year 1946 by Koichi Tsukamoto. When it comes to their marketing campaigns, they often feature female celebrities like the famous Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki. They are known internationally due to their panties, brassieres, accessories, shapewear, and camisoles. The company makes bras from 30A to 44G sizes.

The Bra Anatomy: Different Parts of the Bra and their Functions

How well do you know your bra? As women, we all know how important bras are in our lives, but aside from that, what else do we know? Women may be fond of buying bras, but not all women can actually name the different parts of a bra and explain their functions. Can you tell us what a gore is or where the apex of a bra is? If you can’t but you would like to know, read on.


Bra Band

One of the most important parts of a bra is the band; it performs almost 90% of a bra’s main function, which is supporting your breasts. The bra band is the one that runs around your rib cage. The cups of the bra are attached to the front of the band, while the straps are attached to the back of the band. In the center of the bra band is where the fastening is placed (in front or at the back, depending on the style of the bra). The bra band is the one that carries the weight of your breasts. When buying a bra, you should choose a band that is neither too tight nor too loose.


Bra Gore

A center gore or a gore is actually part of the bra band. It is the point at which the underwire forms a small bridge in the center of your chest. A bra’s gore will tell you if the bra you are wearing is a perfect fit or not. If you are wearing a bra with the perfect fit, the gore should touch your torso without pinching; if you are wearing an ill-fitting bra, the gore will not touch your skin or it will dig into your flesh.


Bra Cups

The cups are the ones that hold your breasts and keep them in place. This part of the bra is directly sewn into the bra band and the straps are then sewn onto its top part. There is a wide range of bra cup sizes, ensuring there will be a cup that fits regardless of your breast measurements. In finding a bra that will fit you well, it is also important that you know your cup size. (Note: Your cup size is directly related to the bra band size.)


Bra Straps

The straps are attached to the back of the bra band and it goes over your shoulder to hold the cups in place. Many people think that straps are the ones that support the breasts, but their main function is actually just to keep the cups in place. If the straps of your bra are digging into your shoulder, this only means that the bra band is either too loose or too tight, such that it cannot support your breasts well enough.


Bra Underwire

Some bras do not have underwire, but many women prefer wearing bras with underwire because they believe it helps maintain the perkiness of their breasts. The underwire provides additional support to the breasts by lifting it. It can be made of either plastic or metal. The underwire is sewn under the bra cups and they help prevent your breasts from sagging.

Popular Big Brother Characters Worth Cosplaying

When it comes to popular anime characters, those who play the big brother role seemed to stand out from the rest. This popularity caused many a cosplayer to portray these characters with heart. If you are having trouble looking for the right “big brother” anime character to cosplay in the next con, here are some popular characters worth cosplaying.

Kamina – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina Cosplay

Through the eyes of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s protagonist Simon, he considers Kamina as his big brother regardless that they are not related by blood. The optimistic and courageous leader of Team Gurren is popularly well-known for his light blue hair and big orange glasses. Kamina paved way to Team Gurren to believe that anything can be conquered and the dream of living in the surface world can be achieved. Ever since his death in the early parts of the anime, he is one of the most memorable characters not only in the anime series but also in the entire anime subculture.

Edward Elric – Full Metal Alchemist

Edward Elric Cosplay

Edward Elric is one of your typical male protagonists in anime: lazy, happy-go-lucky, loyal, and courageous. His attitude of never giving up on something makes this character stand out from the rest. He journeys along with his younger brother Alphonse Elric to search for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Koyomi Araragi – Bakemonogatari

Koyomi Araragi Cosplay

Koyomi is the protagonist of the entire Bakemonogatari novel and anime franchise. He is a human third year high school student that got attacked by vampires one spring break. Due to this experience—and the vampire traits he acquired—he now struggles in trying to live a normal human life. He is the older brother of Karen Araragi and Tsukihi Araragi.

Taichi “Tai” Kamiya – Digimon

Taichi “Tai” Kamiya Cosplay

Taichi or Tai is part of the first batch of protagonists in the entire Digimon anime franchise. Known for his happy-go-lucky courageous behavior, and his habit for wearing goggles on his head all the time, he leads the DigiDestined team to keep both the DigiWorld and the human world in peace along with his partner Digimon, Agumon.

Gohan/Son Gohan – Dragonball Z

Son Gohan Cosplay

Gohan or Son Gohan is the first son of Son Goku from the Dragonball franchise. He was cowardly when he was still a child but his character matured when he reached adolescence. By the time he reached high school, he went into a hiatus, training as requested by his mother. But like his father, he is considered as one of the strongest saiyans in the series. He is older brother of Son Goten.

Touya/Toya Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

Toya Kinomoto Cosplay

Touya Kinomoto is the big brother of Sakura Kinomoto, the protagonist of the entire Cardcaptor Sakura franchise. Though he bullies his sister a lot, he is actually a very loyal brother who will always protect his sister no matter what. Aside from defending Sakura, he also does the same devotion to his best friend Yukito Tsukishiro.